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3 Tips To Beat Sleep Regression

Tips to get your toddler to sleep

Victoria has always been a great sleeper. Edward on the other hand not so much. That made it so much harder when Victoria hit her two year old sleep regression. Edward was still only going a few hours at night and Victoria decided that would be the perfect time to stop napping and be a little devil at bedtime.

By the time I made it through the day I was just ready for her to go the hell to bed. We tried getting Andrew to put her to bed but she demanded me. So did Edward. It would take hours of her screaming until she’d give up and just fall asleep. It sucked.

Andrew and I did what we do best, we researched and read.

We learned some valuable lessons:

Routine: We knew routine was important but we’d let that fall by the wayside. It just seemed like such work to go through so much every night. Routine doesn’t always mean schedule. We rarely start bedtime at the same time at night, although normally it’s within half an hour. But it means when we get home late we can still start it without it being too disruptive.

Set expectations: Victoria likes it when I sing to her a night so she gets two songs every night at bedtime. I start by asking what the first song of two she’d like me to sing. I then say ok, I will sing X then one more and bed. I sing it then ask what she’d like second. I say ok, I’ll sing X then I’m all done and it’s bed time. I sing it, say all done and ask if she’d like a kiss good night.

When Victoria screams we stay consistent. Every 15 minutes one of us goes back into her room, leaves the light off, walks her back to bed, tucks her in and gives her a kiss. The first few nights it took about five visits but now only one or two. I was sceptical at first put it really worked for us.

Essential oils: Every night at bath time I put one drop of neroli oil in the bath. If they aren’t having a bath they get a massage of carrier oil mixed with a drop of neroli. This particular oil is good for babies and children. It helps calm them. They will also get a drop of lavender on their beds at night. It also helps with relaxation and sleep. Andrew and I use it every night now too. I used to hate the scent lavender, now I love! The essential oil has a woody smell. We spent a week in PEI in an ‘unplugged’ cabin that was in a field of lavender, it was beautiful and smelled fantastic.

After some frustrating evenings and long nights we got ourselves back to at least one child sleeping well. Maybe one day Edward will too. I can dream right?



Jennifer • 1 February 2016

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