The Good, The Bad, and The Baby




The Two of Use

Who am I? Well, I’m a mom and a wife. I met my husband while I was in university and have followed him around the country (he’s in the Royal Canadian Air Force). I studied Art History in university and have both worked and volunteered in my field. After our last posting I decided to turn my hobby into a ‘paying’ job as it was hard to find a job in my field here. So, I officially opened my jewellery busines.

My husband and I had our daughter in the summer of 2013 and since then our lives have both changed dramatically and yet somehow stayed the same.

The blog

Why a blog? Well, babies are funny, lots of work, both heartbreaking and heart-making.
During my pregnancy we found out our baby would be born with some birth defects and I found that there was very little out there for me, about people going through anything similar. I wanted to change that and try and help even just one other person going through something similar. This was a big step for me because until our daughter was born I never really want to talk about it.

From there I’ve evolved into including general life with baby and various other helpful hints, tips and tricks, crafts and products my family loves for The Good, The Bad and The Baby.