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Anti-Vaxxer Excuses

I frequently talk about the importance of understanding and not judging other parents on their choices. This is my exception.

The anti-vaccine movement, started by a doctor who lost his license and fueled by ignorant celebrities, has reared its ugly head again. On the coattails of the Disneyland Measles Outbreak there is a story of a family working to make their child’s school safer.

Carl Krewitt of California is petitioning his local school board to ban non-vaccinated children. His son, Rhett, has survived four years of leukemia treatment and has been left with a weakened immune system. The rising rates of anti-vaxxers in the area are putting Rhett at risk.

It was a hot topic on Facebook last week and I was pleased to see that although the anti-vaxxers are loud they are still outnumbered. The vaxxers are starting to speak out.

One particularly upset anti-vaxxer was kind enough to lay out the entire argument for your education. My notes are below.

Excuses Arguements

I don’t believe in vaccines!

I never got these illnesses!

  • This is because you were vaccinated or lived in a place where they were eradicated due to decades of vaccination.

These illnesses aren’t around any more.

Vaccines aren’t 100% effective so why bother?

  • Neither is birth control but I’m betting most of you have used it.

The Chicken Pox vaccine is only 70% effective, is there really any point?

  • Yes. If everybody was vaccinated it would be much harder to spread, even with a 70% effectiveness. For those who skip it you are giving a great chance of giving it to those who have had the shot. Besides, 70% is still better than 0%.

Modern vaccines for things like chicken pox aren’t needed because I had chicken pox and it wasn’t too bad.

  • Guess what? Every kid reacts different, who’s to say your child won’t get them really bad? What’s even worse is when I see this reasoning applied to other diseases like measles. It is ‘that bad.’

It’s my child, my choice!

  • Ordinarily I would wholeheartedly agree with you, but not on this. Most of the things parents do that I don’t agree with have no bearing on my life or my child so I don’t care. This does. You are not only risking your child’s health but mine, my baby’s, my entire family, my friends, and those who are too sick to get their shots. You are being selfish.

I don’t want those chemicals put in my baby!

Vaccines give you autism!

  • This is an affront to any parent raising a child with autism and a damn lie. If you are still clinging to this thread there is no helping you.

I’ll just delay the vaccines while I make up my mind.

  • It’s great you want to make an educated decision but the only thing delaying vaccines does is delay your child’s immunity.

Did I miss anything?

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Jennifer • 2 February 2015

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  1. Jillian 4 February 2015 - 9:16 am Reply

    Great article! Thank you for writing it. I watched the “bullshit” episode on vaccines, I think everyone should, it really does put it into perspective. Ignoring everything else if vaccines caused autism it would have been a 1/10000. Vaccines don’t cause autism but if they did and that was the chance it would be more than worth it; I would rather have a child with autism than a child that died from something I could have prevented. It is a responsibility of every parent to have their child vaccinated to prevent the spread of preventable diseases.

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