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Battle for Breastfeeding – Part 2

One Hour OldLast post the Battle for Breastfeeding had begun and I left off where we had been noted to be ‘potentially difficult parents’ who were not ‘following instructions’.

Thankfully this caught the attention of the charge nurse, who had a relative with a cleft palate so she came to see how we were doing. The charge nurse watched and saw we were doing it as instructed on our first day. That cleared up any issues as to our ability as new parents. Apparently each department has their own way of doing things, and we got caught in the middle.

The Charge Nurse taught us another method of feeding: finger feeding with feeding tube. The tube is taped to your finger, and it is supposed to mimic the same sucking motion as being nipple fed. The specialist was right, Victoria had no trouble creating a seal around a finger and sucking the milk right through the tube.

For the next two days we were assigned the same nursing team instead of being rotated through the list and I stand by the fact she is the reason I was able to breastfeed at all. The first time Victoria successfully latched we were a few days in and had been pumping for days. Sadly this was the first time no one was there to see. I was worried no one would believe that it had worked.

After being told Victoria was fine to breastfeed I found it so very stressful being told I was wrong. Who was I question the nurses? Even if the specialist had given the all clear. After multiple days of pumping and various feeding methods with a multitude of nurses we did figure it out. By the time we got home we were practically pros!

Just remember although nurses and doctors are very well trained they all have their own ideas and may not be entirely familiar with how your baby may be capable of. If you’ve spoken with the specialists just remember to tell the nurses. Force the issue if you have too. Just try not to give up. If you want to breastfeed do it; if you don’t want to formula feed then pump. Most importantly, it’s your baby and your body. You and your family need to figure out what is right for you.

Stay tuned for more breastfeeding posts on: the benefits for you, the benefits for baby, and costs.

– Jen


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Jennifer • 6 August 2014

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