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Beware The Ninja – Or Why I’m Leaving Buzzwords 2016

Buzzwords Are The Spice Of Parenting

Do you trust someone more if they call themselves a ‘guru ‘or ‘ninja’? Buzzwords are prolific in online media and they tend to filter done to day to day (mis)use. I could call myself a parenting guru or a ninja mom but I am neither a spiritual teacher nor a mercenary in feudal Japan. I’m just a mom writing about her experiences.

I’ve come to find that they are either made up words or words being used incorrectly. Very rarely buzzwords can be the right choice. For example, if the job you apply for uses one in the ad then go ahead and parrot it back in the interview. Most workplaces like to promote synergy (link). Like a boss.

So why the big fuss about buzzwords? Because buzzwords in the world of parenting cause such drama. Most people aren’t even sure what some truly mean. Two of my favourite right now are ‘baby-led weaning’ and ‘baby carrying’. (Baby wearing?)

‘Baby-led weaning’ is a little ambiguous. I’ve read it in reference to breastfeeding and transitioning to solid food but I’ve also seen discussions where baby-led weaning was used to describe offering your child solid food (no purées) and having them figure it out. Online moms have to debate the terms and argue about it before then they can move on to explain why their feeding method is superior. These arguments can take days.

Does it really matter? Nope. Not one bit.

‘Baby carrying’ seems a bit more straight forward but do we really need this word to say ‘I carry my baby’? Proper English using words in context is a better way to teach children the language. It may even help words like unpossible stay out of the dictionary. Still not a real word. I’m looking at you, (?).

Just explain what you’re doing and leave the buzzwords to the gurus. Happy 2017.

– Jen

** note: I frequently use the term ninja in reference to babies. When doing this I am most certainly comparing them to legendary and mysterious mercenaries from feudal Japan.

P.S. Is the word ‘buzzword’ in fact a buzzword? I may hate myself a little for using it if it is…



Andrew • 2 January 2017

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