The Good, The Bad, and The Baby

Bringing Baby Home and the Cats


Going home outfit II

Going home outfit II

Inspection by James and Kathryn

Inspection by James and Kathryn

James thinks she's too scary but Kathryn is giving it another go.

James thinks she’s too scary but Kathryn is giving it another go.

I was thinking about the day we brought Victoria home the IWK hospital. It was an emotional day, not only would she get the chance to see her new home for the first time, she would get to meet the cats!

As we prepared to leave the hospital with our baby girl we changed her into a cute outfit, we figured it was just about time as she had been naked for the first few days of her life (she was kept well swaddled in blankets and of course had diapers). She decided to show her disapproval of the outfit we picked by vomiting all over it just after we out her into it. And let me tell you it was no small feat. Dressing babies is hard work. Our nurse kindly assisted us with Victoria’s change of wardrobe, we quickly snapped a photo just incase and strapped her into her car seat. We checked in at the front desk to have them check our straps and we carried on our way.

Andrew sat the 2 of us on a bench while he went to get the car. I cried, boy did I cry, we were taking OUR baby home. Wow.

I spent the next almost two hour drive home checking to make sure Victoria was breathing. We kept stopping because neither of us could see her and as many first time parents do we were freaking out. It took us much longer to get home then it should have but it happens. Victoria slept most of the ride home (barring when we kept waking her up check her breathing and such).

we walked into the door to 2 very happy cats. They had been being watched by our neighbour but were excited to see us. Then they noticed we were carrying something that looked like it might be awesome. Both approached with caution, took a smell, looked at us like ‘WTF is this thing?’. Me, I figured they just need time to warm up to her so I figured I’d pull her out of her car seat. I realized the actual problem was after I pulled off her blanket, apparently she had shit. Huge, epic, 2 days in the making, sticky black poop. Everywhere. ¬†She had glued her legs to themselves. It was nasty. I can’t say I entirely blamed the cats after that.

Once we had everything all cleaned up the cats approached once again with caution, then Victoria moved. I didn’t think James could move so quickly, and Kathryn ran and hid. They were not amused when they realized she was to sleep in our bedroom, I mean she got to sleep in the comfortable looking thing we kept discouraging them from jumping in (her crib).




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Jennifer • 2 June 2016

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