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As some of you know I am very much pro-breastfeeding. Having said that, I want to share something. At 6 months old I had to switch to my daughter to formula. It was a very hard time for my daughter and I. I was overwhelmed with guilt. It was partly (read: mainly) due to the fact that there are so many formula bashers out there. Yes, I know breastfeeding is better for my baby. Yes, I know the benefits to me. It’s not like I was purposely ‘neglecting’ my daughter even if I was made to feel this way by some.

I think sometimes people forget that not everyone can breastfeed. I had such a hard time around 4 months that my daughter was actually hospitalized for 2 weeks. I started off with more milk than Victoria and I could deal with. It eventually meant my milk decreased because Victoria got more then enough from one side at a time so my body adjusted and produced less. I struggled for 2 months to keep breastfeeding and increasing my supply. Sadly it never fully recovered and Victoria weaned herself. I was heart broken.

I’m also not the only person I know who has had troubles. A friend of mine had lots of colostrum but her milk never came in properly. She tried everything from blessed thistle and fenugreek to feeding her baby and pumping more regularly. Her milk just never came in. Another friend who is currently pregnant is worried she will not be able to breastfeed because she has had a breast reduction.

Please keep this in mind before you start judging another mother on her choices. Many of us who formula feed do in fact know the benefits. For some of us it is a medical necessity and not a choice to switch to formula. I would have loved to keep breastfeeding Victoria. Not only is it good for both of us it’s free (formula is really expensive!).

– Jen

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Jennifer • 8 October 2014

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