The Good, The Bad, and The Baby

Buzzwords Are The Spice Of Parenting

Beware The Ninja – Or Why I’m Leaving Buzzwords 2016

Do you trust someone more if they call themselves a ‘guru ‘or ‘ninja’? Buzzwords are prolific in online media and they tend to filter done to day to day (mis)use. I could call myself a parenting guru or a ninja mom but I am neither a spiritual teacher nor a mercenary in feudal Japan. I’m…

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Father & Son

Why Do We Prefer Sons?

This article was originally published on the Good Men Project on 25 September 2015. “Oh, your husband must be so pleased.” This is the response my wife heard when she told people that our second child was a boy. I thought it was an odd thing to say at first but the more people we…

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Child’s Play

This article was originally published on the Good Men Project on 24 September 2015. I struggle with work/life balance. I used to be all work. It’s something I’m working on. This morning I took my two-year-old daughter to the park to see the ducks. We sat and talked as the ducks went about their business…

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Why Do My Wife’s Compliments Still Bring Me Down

This article was originally published on the Good Men Project on 5 September 2015. There seems to be a never ending stream of quizzes populating my Facebook feed. I don’t really care what a few random questions can tell me about my future but my wife enjoys the flavour. This week’s favourite is “How Awesome…

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Jen and Victoria one hour old

Just Another Surgery – But Something Is Different

I’m not ashamed to say I’m scared. We found out a few months back that Victoria will need a revision surgery on her cleft lip repair. I was crushed. I also wasn’t surprised. Every time someone said ‘oh wow, you can barely tell!’ Or some other such comment meant to be reassuring I knew. I…

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Curried Chickpea Sandwich

So when dinner rolled around and I realized I hadn’t thawed meat and didn’t have anything prepared I panicked just a little. After digging into my pantry I found a tin of chickpeas and a recipe popped into my head. It’s a combination of Pinterest, a couple family recipes, and whatever I had on hand….

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Bringing Baby Home and the Cats

  I was thinking about the day we brought Victoria home the IWK hospital. It was an emotional day, not only would she get the chance to see her new home for the first time, she would get to meet the cats! As we prepared to leave the hospital with our baby girl we changed…

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Pumping For Freedom

Breastfeeding is never easy, but a good breast pump makes it that much better. Throughout the last three years I’ve breastfed both kids, both from breast and bottle. Having a pump at home has been my saviour, through two infants, mastitis and postpartum depression. It has given me some small freedom when I needed it…

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Baby Bottle Review

The Last Bottle I’ll Ever Use

Being a mom is never easy. Baby’s can be picky. Edward has been going through a phase where he wants all me, all the time. It has been so great having the different Philips Avent products to try. It’s given me a chance to go out and get my hair done while Andrew watches the…

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Penguins And A Picnic

So the other day Andrew looks at me and says ‘let’s go for a drive’. It’s 4 o’clock, we’d need dinner soon and you want to take two hungry beasts for a drive… I just look at him quizzically, maybe a little WTF in my eyes. He explains. Let’s get the camera, swing by the…

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