The Good, The Bad, and The Baby

Letting your toddler lead the way.

5 Parenting Hacks To Get You Through The Week

Everybody likes to find the tips and tricks that make life easier. Here are our parenting hacks. These have been a lifesaver. 1. Baby babble Also know as Baby Sign Language. We started BSL with Victoria around 5 months. The first time we saw more than just her repeating the signs we doing was at…

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Classic+ Baby Bottle Review

The Bottle That Helps Them Sleep Better – Avent Classic+ Baby Bottle Review

Feeding babies isn’t always easy. I know first hand how hard it can be. When Victoria was born we had a couple good months of growth but then it all went down hill. We ended up having to switch to formula and trying lots of different bottles until we found one she liked. With Edward…

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Gagging but not choking

The Difference Between Choking And Gagging

I thought we’d been fairly progressive when we started feeding Victoria solid foods. We only did purées for a couple weeks before we made the switch to real food. Being honest, Victoria kind of made that choice for us when she started refusing purées. With Edward we only tried purées once. Between Victoria trying to…

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Reckless Stripper Or Strong Mother?

I came across this video online recently. Believe me it caused so much drama it wasn’t even funny. Well maybe it was funny, at least a little. I mean she’s practically a public breastfeeding stripper drug addict who’s selling her baby for crack right? At first people were offended that she was ‘stripping’, then that…

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Ppd warning signs

8 Warning Signs Of Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is something that is becoming easier to talk about. I found out after the birth of my son I was suffering from PPD. It can be very serious and may get worse if left untreated. PPD like other forms of depression isn’t just feeling sad, in fact for some sadness doesn’t even enter…

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Teaching Children About Emotions

The Most Important Thing I Will Teach My Daughter In 2016

The movie Inside Out has drawn mixed reactions from parents of young children. They are worried that such a dark and sad movie will upset their children. But my children will definitely be watching it. It teaches them an important lesson about emotions. It’s okay to have all of these feelings. It’s a part of…

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Tips to get your toddler to sleep

3 Tips To Beat Sleep Regression

Victoria has always been a great sleeper. Edward on the other hand not so much. That made it so much harder when Victoria hit her two year old sleep regression. Edward was still only going a few hours at night and Victoria decided that would be the perfect time to stop napping and be a…

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Cookie Lessons

Surely this was a teachable moment? I had just picked Victoria up from childcare and was doing up her seat belt. In her hand she had the cookie given to her on the way out of the door. Supper was at least an hour away and I was already starting to get hungry. So I…

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The Newest Car I Suddenly Want

Driving home tonight with a screaming baby in the back seat of our VW Rabbit I thought of the Volvo XC90. When I first saw the concept art for the 2016 I was blown away by what a stupid idea it was. They took out the front seat and replaced it with a rear facing…

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Depression doesn't always show on the outside.

The Truth Behind The Smile

I had no idea how to write this. In fact this is my third attempt to put it down in words. It’s something that isn’t easy for me to talk about. I’d say it’s even harder than when I write about than Victoria’s procedures and surgeries. Because it has to do with me. I have…

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