The Good, The Bad, and The Baby

Will You Let Your Child Fall?

How Far Will You Let Your Children Fall?

I came across an article that ended with a warning that stuck with me: “Don’t build the wall any higher than you’re okay letting your children fall.” I was waiting for a haircut and reading about building a home rockwall for your kids. The article talked about putting down safety mats and teaching your kids…

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Guilt-Free BBQ Pizza

With the hot weather we’ve been having we haven’t wanted to cook indoors much. So we decided to BBQ some pizza. It was so good I fed it to my family everyday this week and I heard no complaints. It seems like a pretty accepted truth that kids are picky eaters. Most of us have…

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Breastfeeding – Take Two

The blog is now a year old and it seems fitting to start this year the same way as the last. Edward (our second) was born this Spring and it turns out breastfeeding is a little different each time. With Victoria I had ample milk, it came in well and I produced a lot. After…

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8 Things to Expect While Expecting

Here’s what we know about dealing with pregnant women: Don’t talk to them, don’t touch them, just feed them. This mentality always made me feel like an animal in the zoo so I’ve decided to stand up for the pregnant lady that doesn’t want to be portrayed as a fat slob. Exhausted and tired. Yes, many pregnant…

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Strawberry Season

One of my favourite parts of living in the Annapolis Valley is the extended strawberry season. The early berries finished around mid-June and now we’re enjoying the late berries. By now you’ve had your fill of strawberries and cream, and you have your strawberry jam for the year. I don’t even like jam, but when…

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Infant With A Club Foot


There is almost always someone going through something worse than you are.   I don’t want to come off as cold or uncaring because believe me, I do understand how hard things can be. But take a little time and try and gain some perspective.   On the day of Victoria’s lip repair surgery we…

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Not Pregnant Alone

It Takes Two To Tango: The ‘We’ In Pregnancy

Here’s one that is making the rounds: some women trying to argue that they are going through their pregnancy alone regardless of their relationship status. Here’s the thing. I agree with the fact that there is no ‘we’ in pregnancy, however, I think it’s unfair to discredit your partners involvement. Sure, I’ve had morning sickness,…

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Infant Cast Removal

Unexpected Lessons During Club Foot Treatment

We knew from ultrasounds that Victoria had a club foot, but we wouldn’t find out the severity until she was born. There wasn’t much we could do except wait for the day a specialist could assess the severity and start treatment. We saw the orthopaedic specialists on day four. They told us she had one…

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Raining Money

RRSP/RESP Hack: Save For Your Future, And Theirs

This is the time of year when everyone is focusing on RRSPs and last minute contributions. But now is also the time to think about your kids’ RESPs, especially if you haven’t started one yet. You’ve heard the stats. Post-secondary education is becoming more necessary every year, and the cost of education is increasing with…

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Cleft Lip Scar

I Never Saw The Hardest Part Coming

It’s been a long year since Victoria had her lip repair surgery but it looks like we are past the worst of it for now. By ‘the worst of it’ I mean the surgery and the post-op care. Looking back I feel like we were well prepared and focused on the surgery, but only prepared…

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