The Good, The Bad, and The Baby

I'm Vaccinated

Anti-Vaxxer Excuses

I frequently talk about the importance of understanding and not judging other parents on their choices. This is my exception. The anti-vaccine movement, started by a doctor who lost his license and fueled by ignorant celebrities, has reared its ugly head again. On the coattails of the Disneyland Measles Outbreak there is a story of…

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I recently came across a conversation on Facebook about a service that I didn’t know existed. Apparently the Toronto Public Libraries has a service ‘Dial-A-Story’. ‘Dial-A-Story is exactly what it sounds like. You call a number, enter the age of the child and choose between stories offered in 15 different languages. I was pretty skeptical…

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Baby Fun in the Sand

Will Your Parenting Style Affect Your Child’s Motivation?

I’ve seen plenty of articles talking about the rising trend of ‘helicopter parenting’ but it was only recently that I came across the name of the parents at the other end of the spectrum: ‘Free-Range Parents.’ It makes me think of chickens and expensive organic food, not kids playing outdoors without a schedule. And for…

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Pregnancy Photo at the Beach during Sunset

Pregnancy Fears

With your first pregnancy you’re scared of the unknown. Everything is new, and every twinge of pain is potentially serious. You get through it and someday you find yourself expecting another. And now you know the routine. But what if there were complications during pregnancy? Or a difficult labour? Or birth defects? What fears will…

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Flu Shot Infographic from Public Health

How do you decide whether to vaccinate this flu season?

The flu is a preventable illness so why are so many people against the flu shot? I know there has been a steady stream of negative talk and celebrity anti-vaccine hype, but I didn’t think people were actually taking them seriously. I read this article last week on Today’s Parent about a family that is pro…

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Positive Thoughts

Sometimes the things men say to pregnant women are amazing. From a man’s perspective they are honest compliments, but most women just look horrified, especially if it was there husband. I was at a work event with Andrew while six months pregnant with Victoria. It was a wine and cheese evening so I was already having…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Baby at the Beach

Summer Ends and Fall Begins

I know summer was officially over a few weeks ago, but it still felt like the last days of summer here in Nova Scotia. I’ve always associate the start of fall with Thanksgiving*. Without going into a full retrospective, here are some of the highlights of summer that I’ll miss: I rode a bike for…

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Baby Drinking Bottle

Formula Bashing

As some of you know I am very much pro-breastfeeding. Having said that, I want to share something. At 6 months old I had to switch to my daughter to formula. It was a very hard time for my daughter and I. I was overwhelmed with guilt. It was partly (read: mainly) due to the…

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October 2014 Blog Hop

Looking for something new to read? I’m participating in’s Blog Hop this month. There is a list of participating blogs below. You just might find something just up your alley.

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