The Good, The Bad, and The Baby

Reckless Stripper Or Strong Mother?

I came across this video online recently. Believe me it caused so much drama it wasn’t even funny. Well maybe it was funny, at least a little. I mean she’s practically a public breastfeeding stripper drug addict who’s selling her baby for crack right?

At first people were offended that she was ‘stripping’, then that she was breast feeding. All I could think was that I wish I had the strength to pole like she does!

For those of you who know me, you know I took pole fitness lessons when we lived in Winnipeg. Much to your surprise my class was not taught by an ex-stripper or an exotic dancer. She was an accountant and personal trainer. It was the best full body workout I’ve ever done. I went to classes a couple times a week. I was strong, confident, and in the best shape of my life. Enough about me, back to this video.

Some women were saying she was sexualizing breastfeeding by breastfeeding while on the pole. They said the pole was only a sexual thing and had always been a sexual thing. I took the liberty of dropping some knowledge: in the 12th century the Chinese used poles in the circus for men and women to do aerial acrobatics. 800 years ago in India male wrestlers were trained on poles. In modern day the Olympic committee is considering it for a new sport.

Some women were worried for the child’s safety. I’ve seen videos of men and women doing yoga, weightlifting and running with their children, even an eight months pregnant yoga instructor hanging out upside down. Other than being maybe two feet higher I don’t see any extra dangers. With her strength and skills it’s not like she woke up that morning and thought ‘I’m going to buy a pole and try this with my child strapped to my chest’. This took time, training and amazing ability.

Sometimes I wish we as women and mothers were less judgmental. Why was there name calling and assumptions? Instead of judging look at her strength and beauty.



Jennifer • 15 February 2016

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