The Good, The Bad, and The Baby

Summer Ends and Fall Begins

Baby eating cake

Heaven forbid my hands get sticky

I know summer was officially over a few weeks ago, but it still felt like the last days of summer here in Nova Scotia. I’ve always associate the start of fall with Thanksgiving*.

Without going into a full retrospective, here are some of the highlights of summer that I’ll miss:

  • I rode a bike for the first time since I was 10 years old. It was scary, but it really came back to me, just like… well, riding a bicycle. It was great family time, great exercise and so much faster than walking!
  • Victoria had her first birthday. We bought cupcakes from my favourite baker and Victoria had one all to herself. She really wasn’t sure what to do with it while everyone stood around watching. Eventually she gave it a try, and then insisted on keeping her hands clean by leaning down and gobbling it off the tray. What a cute mess.
Baby at the Beach

First time at the beach

  • We spent a week in a cabin in PEI. There was no internet, no TV, not even cell reception. We had a kitchen, electricity, and each other. We rode our bikes on the groomed trails along the sandy red beaches the area is famous for. Victoria had her first experience with the ocean. She’s still not so sure about moving water (showers, fountains, waves).

Things I look forward to this fall:

  • Thanksgiving Dinner(s). Aside from the big family dinner that most Canadians sit down to this weekend, we also have a tradition of hosting a Saturday dinner just for friends and colleagues. Living the military lifestyle means that many of our friends won’t make it home, so we open our doors for a potluck. Each person is asked to bring a dish that they couldn’t be without for Thanksgiving. We’ve had everything from tourtiere, seasonal veggie soup in a mug, sweet potato pie, and deep fried turkey.
  • Watching Victoria learn the simple joy of jumping into a pile of crisp fall leaves.
  • Watching Victoria take her first steps. She’s been standing up by herself with no support for about a month now, but still seems hesitant to take that first step. I wait with bated breath.

Get a head start on Monday. What are you thankful for? What was your favourite part of the summer, and what are you looking forward to most this fall?

* That’s the second Monday in October for international readers.

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Jennifer • 10 October 2014

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