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The Difference Between Choking And Gagging

Gagging but not choking

I thought we’d been fairly progressive when we started feeding Victoria solid foods. We only did purées for a couple weeks before we made the switch to real food. Being honest, Victoria kind of made that choice for us when she started refusing purées. With Edward we only tried purées once.

Between Victoria trying to give him food and him just trying to grab real food we thought we’d give it a try. After Victoria’s second birthday party I’m pretty sure we caught her feeding him icing… that may have been his first food.

We had lots of people saying you can’t give a baby whole foods, you can’t feed him that! But let me tell you he loved it.

On more than one occasion we had to tell people he wasn’t choking, he was gagging. There’s a huge difference.

Lots of children gag when they are learning to eat, even on purées. At Christmas Eve tea (my in-laws tradition) there was an older gentleman who started freaking out because Edward was ‘choking’. Andrew and I look over and shrug, “he’s fine,” we said. We had to explain that he wasn’t choking he was just gagging. He would gag on any new food or texture as he worked out how much chewing was involved and how much he could fit in his mouth.

We always keep a close eye on Edward but we let him explore his food. Both kids eat pretty much everything including Italian risotto, Moroccan stew and English Hot Pot.



Jennifer • 19 February 2016

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