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The Most Important Thing I Will Teach My Daughter In 2016

Teaching Children About Emotions

The movie Inside Out has drawn mixed reactions from parents of young children. They are worried that such a dark and sad movie will upset their children.

But my children will definitely be watching it.

It teaches them an important lesson about emotions. It’s okay to have all of these feelings. It’s a part of growing up. And it’s okay to be sad sometimes. In fact, look at the trouble that was caused by ignoring sadness.

That was a very poignant lesson. It’s not healthy to bottle up all of our emotions. We’re often taught to ‘conceal, don’t feel’ but we’re doing our children a disservice and setting them up for an emotionally challenged adult life. Sometimes you need to ‘let it go’ (yes, I went there…). Not learning how to deal with emotions like sadness is a contributing cause of depression in adults.

As a two year old she is being inundated with all of these new feelings and thoughts without the communication skills to express herself. That’s why kids scream so much. It’s one of their only outlets. It’s our jobs as parents to patiently guide them towards better ways of expressing these emotions. Deep breathing, talking calmly, I statements, and discussing consequences are all more effective in the long run than spanking and shouting back.

In true disney fashion this is taught with humour, odd characters, and difficult life events.



Andrew • 5 February 2016

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