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The Things People Will Say To Parents

scaredwoman3You’re going to have enough stress in your life so don’t let other peoples’ comments add to it. I’ve asked some other bloggers to share their stories about the “funniest” things people have said to them over the years. This isn’t to make people feel bad about their comments, it’s about learning to laugh it off and realizing that sometimes people don’t think before they speak.

 1. “You Really Didn’t Think Things Through!”

I get asked repeatedly is about my son’s birthday. He was born December 24 – yup, Christmas Eve. I’m always asked why I wanted to have a Christmas baby, the most memorable being told by a mall Santa that I really didn’t think things through. I bluntly told the rude Santa that I wasn’t doing a 9 month countdown during my son’s conception!  I usually tell people he’s the best early Christmas gift ever, since he was due on December 25.

– Jennifer Pinarski, of Run-at-home Mom at Today’s Parent@jenpinarski


2. “Is He Retarded?”

My own son, Reid, was in a helmet for plagiocephaly for about 4 months and we were constantly asked if it was because he “hit his head a lot” or my favorite, “Is he retarded?” Always a good time to educate the general public, I think!

– Kristen, of The Honest Mom Project


3.  “How’d He Get A Black Eye As A BABY?”

My oldest was born with a birthmark that has since vanished, but people would ask me all the time in a questioning tone “How’d he get a black eye as a baby?”

– Laura, of The Honest Mom Project


4. “Shouldn’t He Just Listen?”

My extended family was having dinner at a restaurant. I was seated some distance away from my son, who was about four at the time. He started fooling around with the bread in the basket on the table. I called down to table, telling him to take only what he planned to eat, but he kept fooling. So, I asked my father, who was sitting closer to him, to move the bread basket out of my son’s reach. I thought nothing of this–it was the kind of interaction that parents encounter a dozen times a day. But my sister, who was pregnant with her first child, commented that she was surprised I had our father move the bread. “Shouldn’t he just listen?” she asked about my son. I burst out laughing. Well, yeah, that would be nice if he just listened, but moving the bread made it easier for him to do so! Non-parents sometimes have very funny, starry-eyed views of how children ought to behave!

– Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD, of and Growing Friendships at Psychology Today, @psychauthormom


5. “Was That Intentional?”

When I was pregnant with number three, I was asked all the time if it was intentional (It was NOT) but it always seemed like the oddest question to ask. Um, how is that your business?! I was also asked quite often if my first two (two years apart) were twins. Ahhh, no.

– Jill Smokler, of Scary Mommy, @scarymommy


6. “Believe Only Half Of What They Tell You”

My funny comment is from a Kindergarten teacher to parents on parents’ night: “I promise to believe only half of what they tell me about you as long as you promise to believe only half of what they tell you about me!

– Nathalie, of 4 Mothers 1 Blog, @4mothers1blog


7. “Hope He Don’t Choke Himself”

I think my favourite was talking to my mechanic, who has three grown sons of his own, when I was pregnant with my third son. He said, “Kids are okay. The first one you worry. The second one you enjoy. The third one, you throw him in the back and you hope he don’t choke himself.”

– Carol, of 4 Mothers 1 Blog, @4mothers1blog


8. “I Calmly Asked Her If She Had Kids”

When my daughter was about 7 weeks old I had to run out and pick up some things – like diapers. I was at Walmart with her. A young lady came up and was admiring her and asked me how old she was. I told her she was 7 weeks old. Well you would have thought I said the sky was falling. She could not believe that I would have such a young baby out and about! I calmly asked her if she had kids. She said no. I smiled and went on my way.

– Shayna, of Mommy Outside The Box, @MommyOutside


9. “That’s How The REAL WORLD Works”

I guess the most annoying, frustrating and irritating ad nauseum comment was from the school system, year after year after year, when teachers – who were always informed well in advance of my children’s challenges, would say to me, “It doesn’t matter if you’ve discovered that ____ is a visual learner, an auditory learner, or a ‘whatever’ learner. She has to learn to “do it” the ‘school’ way, because that’s how the real world works.”

– Abby, of Stress Bubbles, @StressBubbles


10. “I’ve Never Received A Single Dumb Comment…”

“Alas, I don’t have an answer for that question, because I’ve never received a single dumb comment while hanging out with my son, which I have done for a good part of every day of his life so far. Since he was born, we have always traveled by bike whenever possible, year-round.  We get lots of cheers and high-fives as we ride the easy mile to his elementary school, and the example he sets has started a chain reaction of other parents and kids riding. Now about 100 families in the school do it, and driving is noticeably reduced!

– Mr Money Mustache, of, @mrmoneymustache


11. “How Did You Break Her Leg?”

I was asked this by a woman as we stood in an elevator. In a children’s hospital. Seriously? Victoria was two weeks old at the time and had just received her first cast as part of treatment for her club foot. Apparently this woman’s first thought was that I was an incompetent mother, and not that perhaps we were in the only children’s hospital in the region for specialist care. At least I can laugh about this now. Believe me, it took awhile.

– Jen, (that’s me), @andthebaby


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Jennifer • 30 July 2014

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  1. Sherry 30 July 2014 - 2:51 pm Reply

    When my daughter was little, we were in the grocery store and I was looking at something in the meat dept and an older lady came over to me and said, “Why would you do that to the poor child!” I looked up shocked and said, “do what?” she said, “mix breeds!” It took everything I had not to tell her off but she was 80 years old and I realized she’s old school and nothing I said would of made a difference! So I replied, she’s got the best of both worlds running through her veins! The lady just scoffed and walked away!

  2. Jennifer 30 July 2014 - 3:24 pm Reply

    Thanks for sharing your story Sherry. Sometimes it’s unreal what strangers feel comfortable saying to you. It seems like almost every parent has had something said to them that just makes you stop and go huh.

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